Steve Harvey Miniatures

Fresh Room Box Designs from Steve Harvey!

New! Half-Scale Roomboxes!

Made with our same, high standards, just a little bit more miniature.

Half-Scale Two Story Single Half-Scale Single or Double Duplex

Marx President Reviewing Stand and Display Box

Designed to display Marx Presidents, this finished stand has potential for display of many other miniature items, such as flowers or food, books or brass, textiles or tiny furnishings. Now with 5 steps!

Stand for Marx Presidents, etc.

Display box for Reviewing Stand Reviewing Stand inside finished display box

Two Room Box with Windows and Drawer
Single Room Box in Cabinet with Drawer

Steve also does special orders. Perhaps you'd like a variation on one of the designs here, or even a completely new design. You may eMail Steve with your special requests

Finished cabinet example Single Room, Wall Hanging Box

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